Fitting & Machining

Fitting & Machining

Offering SEAMLESS engineering SOLUTIONS

Our 5400sqm combined heavy-duty machine and weld reclamation shops is one of the largest in the Illawarra and boasts comprehensive fitting, machining, milling and weld reclamation equipment. In addition, our two workshops have the capability and experience to work on site for customers to remove equipment for overhaul.

We specialize in the overhaul of critical plant and equipment, roll reclamation and manufacture and assembly projects requiring precise tolerances.


This CNC machine’s capacity makes it unique within Australia. The table size of 15.9m by 5.7m, plus a 3m square Rotating table makes it suitable for large jobs. It has a manufacturing envelope of 12m by 6m high. The rotary table can support 35 tonnes.


Our OM vertical borer is capable of machining work 7.5m in diameter and with a height of 3.2m, it has a work capacity of up to 40 tonnes.


This machine has a remarkable capacity, when you consider that it is able to turn 50 tonnes. It has a swing over the bed of Ø2m, a swing over the saddle of Ø1.6m and can support work 6.5m between centres.


The 1m lathe can handle Ø600mm over saddle and work piece of 5m long between centres, CNC lathe can handle Ø530mm over saddle amd 4.5m between centres and allowing to machine intricated shapes.


TOS Milling Machine (horizontal borer) with a table size of 1.8m x 1.8m and 12 tonne capacity. Cross travel 1.25m, long travel 3m and 2m vertical travel. This is a very versatile machine with a rotating table.


With a 4m long travel and universal head, there is nothing this machine cannot handle.


State of the art CNC Machines ensure Mainteck Services can produce your individual components efficiently and in the most cost effective manner. Our CNC Machine capability includes a Mazak Integrex J-300 Multi Tasking Lathe Centre that can turn the component, drill, tap, mill and machine internal keyways. This allows the job to be completed on the one machine, saving time and set up. We also have a Nicolas Correa with a capacity of 5 tonnes and a Geminis Flat Bed CNC Lathe.


Our fitting section can manage from the smallest to very large assemblies. With the aid of a 400 tonne horizontal and 600 vertical tonne presses, no job is too large.


Our qualified employees can remove your equipment from site, overhaul equipment in our professional workshops to fine tolerances, utilising state of the art equipment, CNC Machines and our heavy engineering expertise. Once overhauled, our crews are ready to install it back on site, safely, efficiently and in a timely manner to meet your needs.


We understand operations and make improvements in conjunction with our customer. We are able to offer a comprehensive service from removal, through maintenance overhaul and improvement to installation.

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WBF impellor stand
Wrapper frame
Blue circle roller
Bogie wheel sub assy
Boral crusher ready for stripping
Complete cardon shaft
Crane bogie assy
Crane bogie assys
Horrizontal pressing
Om vertical borer
Dam gate installation
Crusher transport
Crusher pulley on 2m lathe
Crusher conethread repair
Crusher body bore final machine
Ring gear
Ring gear machining
Housing repair mecof
Fan assy
Diverter gate - Throat guide assy
Mill keyway in mandrel wedge
Large ring gear on om vertical borer
Jaw crusher swing stock
Jaw crusher liner base
Oil cooler repair
New fabricated pulleys complete
New cardon shaft on tos
Om vertical borer
Floor borer - large precision job
Floor Borer
Versatility in action - floor borer
Thrust roller on vb
Thrust roller assy complete
Side guard fin
Twin tools machining ring gear
Tongs assy
Shop view
Wide shop view
Wingtrax elevation view
Wingtrax overhead view 2
Wingtrax overhead view 3
Wingtrax overhead view 4
Wingtrax overhead view 5
Wingtrax overhead view 6
Wingtrax overhead view 7
Wingtrax overhead view 8
Wingtrax overhead view
Wingtrax western looking view
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